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Dimasi casino my gambling hell

And at worst, it profits from addiction. Instead, he said it's prompted by a steady rise in public cxsino cases the office has dealt with in recent years. Add a Comment Cancel Your email address will not be published.

Tell them you oppose expanding predatory gambling without an unbiased cost and benefit analysis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was serving himself and a circle of friends. He stared down media derision and physical threats and defied a casino-hungry governor, the memo says, in order to spare other Bay State residents from the fate his father suffered. He was ultimately diagnosed with Stage 4 tongue cancer. I wholeheartedly agree with the dimasi casino attorney general.

FBI's Boston Office Warns Of Corruption In Casino Industry of former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi on bribery charges. Former Massachusetts House Speakers Sal DiMasi (left) and Charles Flaherty leave the church. DiMasi ended home confinement in May on. With the conflict of interest conviction of former House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi last week, transparency in government is once again front and.

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